All your data, documents, images, audio and video clips will be always with you with AlliDator! More than a database iPhone-style!

This friendly application will save you a lot of time: no more switching among different applications just to consult your shopping or todo list, book and cd lists, to write your diary, record audio notes, read files, record the time of your exercises, etc. Plus, AlliDator will save that precious iPhone screen estate: only one icon instead of dozens!

AlliDator is a true multimedia database. You will be able to use the hardware capabilities of your device to enter multimedia or location data in AlliDator (even video on iPhone 3GS). Imagine the possibility of recording the name and photo of a nice restaurant, together with its geographical location, and a voice note about its best dishes, all with a few taps, in a single application!

AlliDator is perfectly integrated with all the native iPhone functions, so that you will be able to make a phone call or send a mail to a contact, open a Web address, visualize a map, put into your records a video or a photo from the photo roll or library, a contact from the address book, etc. And with our innovative tap-and-do interface you can even choose the action to trigger when you tap a record.

The AlliDator engine is based on powerful relational database technologies, but you will be shielded from the complexity of such technologies with a simple and intuitive interface, in the pure iPhone OS style, and will be able to use even the new powerful “free data set”, to organize your data in your own way, without rigid schemas of fixed fields.

Both of course! A set of fully customizable templates is preloaded on AlliDator, and, more importantly, you will find many more of them in our web site for free, ready to be used with just a click! But you can create in a moment a new data set to suit your needs. Plus, you could load a spreadsheet typed in your computer as a new data set. How convenient!

For added security, the access to your data can be protected with a password, and, when a Wi-Fi connection is available, you can backup all your data on any computer with a web browser, and also exchange documents, images, audio and video between AlliDator and the computer. And, when a Wi-Fi connection is not available, you will be able to use in-application e-mail to share one of your documents or multimedia data.


  • Data sets: free, checklist, fixed fields, time-stamped, tap-and-do, imported from spreadsheet
  • Fixed fields data sets can be always modified
  • Filtering and sorting (alphabetically, manually, chronologically)
  • Types: text, number, web and mail address, phone number, date and time, audio, image, video, file, location, contact, link to other record
  • Use of the device to record audio, shot image or video, or acquire the current location (according to the device’s hardware capabilities)
  • Templates: 17 preloaded, plus many more on
  • Application password
  • Full backup and restore*
  • Export textual and numeric data of data sets in CVS format for spreadsheet or relational databases*
  • Import/Export of any kind of file in a record: image, audio, video, document*
  • In-application e-mail to export any file**
  • Integrated quick guide; fully documentation on
*require a computer with a web browser and a Wi-Fi connection
** require any wireless connection


Creating a new dataset
Creating a new dataset

Self explanatory commands
Self explanatory commands

Dataset list in main window
Dataset listing in main window

Showing record window
Showing record window

Inserting a photo into a record
Inserting photos into a record

Sending a mail with Allidator
E-mailing media within Allidator

Filtering the records
Filtering the records

Filtering results
Filtering results

Resources info page
Resources info page