annoteBook Imagine being the protagonist of your favorite novel,
imagine to discover the locations of the story,
imagine having illustrations floating as you advance in reading
stop imagining and come to a new way of reading.
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Bring with you all your data and files with this unique application! Manage them with a few taps!

AlliDator is a powerful and easy to use database to create, manage and browse all your collections of data, images, audio and video clips, files, and much more.


A funny collection of emoticons dedicated to love, to email, send by SMS, tweet, post to Facebook, print or save to device library to communicate your emotions and your moods to your partner, or simply to send illustrated messages with the funny and original "smilies".
The Luvicons images are accompanied by more than 350 love phrases in over 80 languages to always find the words to communicate your feelings.