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Gautier: Recueils poétiques

A literary pearl comes to enrich the annoteBook library, together with a new improved version of the reading application, that makes the publications in this series unique. The main poetry collections of the great nineteenth-century French author, leading exponent of romanticism but by far broader, able to inspire successive movements as Symbolism, Decadence, Modernism and a number of important writers.

Le raccolte presentate in questo volume sono:

  • Emaux Et Camées
  • La Comédie De La Mort
  • Albertus Ou L'Ame Et Le Péché
  • Poésie Nouvelles
  • Espana
  • Autres Poesies

Unique in its features:

  • NEW: Notes can be saved on a computer/copied from a computer.
  • NEW: Unlimited annotable bookmarks on single lines.
  • NEW: In-application e-mail of the poems.
  • NEW: Complete guide.
  • Index of books.
  • Notes can be written for each verse.
  • Automatic bookmark: by reopening the application you will be automatically repositioned where you left the reading.
  • Easy reading with a choice of font sizes.
  • Landscape reading with big font.
  • Choice of background page color for reading under different ligth conditions.
  • Powerful search engine for words.
  • Index of characters and places.
  • Numbering of verses can be shown or hidden.
  • "Quote of the Day": a random verse from the poem.

An internet connection is not required.

New features in the next version.


Gautier: Recueils poétiques
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