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Mallarmé: Poésies
At last, the complete poems ofÉtienne (Stéphane) Mallarmé, one of the founders of literary symbolism. Universally considered the master of pure poetry, in its search for the expression of absolute beauty Mallarmé has been a point of reference for many later poets. In this annoteBook you can find all the most important poetical collections:
  • Poésies
  • Feuillets d'album
  • Plusieurs sonnets
  • Poèmes de jeunesse
  • Entre quatre murs
and several other poems with also the famous "Un coup de dés jamais n'abolira le hasard".

Unique in its features:

  • NEW: Notes can be saved on a computer/copied from a computer.
  • NEW: Unlimited annotable bookmarks on single lines.
  • NEW: In-application e-mail of the poems.
  • NEW: Complete guide.
  • Index of books.
  • Notes can be written for each verse.
  • Automatic bookmark: by reopening the application you will be automatically repositioned where you left the reading.
  • Easy reading with a choice of font sizes.
  • Landscape reading with big font.
  • Choice of background page color for reading under different ligth conditions.
  • Powerful search engine for words.
  • Index of characters and places.
  • Numbering of verses can be shown or hidden.
  • "Quote of the Day": a random verse from the poem.

An internet connection is not required.

New features in the next version.


Mallarmé: Poésies
Sending a poem by mail
Sending a poem by mail

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Poetry index

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Bookmarks page

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