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Manzoni: I Promessi sposi

A new revolutionary edition of "I Promessi Sposi" (The Betrothed) with special contents and features, specifically designed for iPad:

  • 460+ "floating" illustrations from the original edition by Francesco Gonin,
  • interactive map of locations (requires network access),
  • Customization of the names of characters (you can modify the story of Renzo and Lucia in the story of ... and ...)!
  • creating notes, even with references to other parts of the book.
This edition also contains the historical essay "Storia della colonna infame", closely related to the novel "I Promessi Sposi".

Here are all the features that make the annoteBook by Dathlon one of the more advanced players currently available on the App Store:

  • ***UNIQUE*** Map showing the location of the most important places mentioned in the novel (requires network access).
  • *** UNIQUE*** Ability to edit the text by changing the names of the main characters.
  • *** UNIQUE*** Resizable and draggable illustrations, that you can open and leave open while you scroll through the pages, and, where possible, linked to the corresponding location on the map.
  • Summary of chapters
  • Personal notes can be written for any text fragment.
  • Ability to embed links to any point of the book within the notes.
  • Notes can be saved on a computer/copied from a computer (in this way they can be transferred to another copy of Promessi sposi annoteBook). Requires wi-fi connection.
  • Automatic bookmark: by reopening the application you will be automatically repositioned where you left the reading.
  • Unlimited annotable bookmarks on single lines.
  • Word search, with powerful search engine.
  • In-application e-mail of the of the books, also in PDF format, with the option of including the personal annotations (even with customized characters names)!
  • Easy reading with a choice of font sizes.
  • Choice of background page color for reading under different light conditions.
  • Fast scrolling "by page" in alternative to traditional scrolling.


Manzoni: I Promessi sposi
Map of places
Map of places

Creating a note
Creating a note

Tools menu
Tools menu

Sending a poem by mail
Sending a poem by mail