AlliDator Frequently Asked Questions

It’s possible to save my datasets on my computer?

Yes it is. The application can easily transfer data between your iDevice and your computer, whichever operating system you have on it. You can transfer both, the whole database to backup and restore it, or each single dataset to exchange the data with you favorite datasheet. The interchange format is CSV so it could be read by every application you need. More, the transfer is performed via HTTP protocol, so no matter which operating system you’re using on your computer. You only need a web browser to connect to the device and download or upload the data.

How many datasets can I create?

The only limit to datasets number is the memory size of your device. No application limit is provided. It depends on the size and the complexity of the datasets you create.

It’s possible to create datasets with images?

Yes! More you can associate to your list items a variety of complex data such as images, audio, pdf documents and so on…

It’s possible to customize the structure of the datasets?

Virtually there is no limit to the complexity of the structure of the dataset you create with performed application. You can model as you need the structure or the items, adding fields of different types such text, date, image, audio and combining its as you need.

It’s possible to save and export the structure of a custom dataset to be reused or exchanged between different instances of AlliDator?

Not at the moment, but this feature will be implemented in the next release of the application. We’ll also provide an interchange area on our website in order to create and share a wide library of custom dataset templates. In the current release we provide several predefined templates that you can use “as is” and have some models to create even more complex dataset structures.

Can I protect my data against unauthorized access?

Yes, you can easily protect the access to the application and its data with a custom password.

Are the datasets sortable?

Off course, when you create a dataset you can decide to sort it by item name, creation data or manually, simply dragging the items when you display the list.

What devices will the AlliDator application work on?

The AlliDator application works on any iPod touch and iPhone with OS version 3.0 and later. To check the OS version running on your device you can connect the device to your computer and look at the device’s Summary page in iTunes application. To upgrade your device look at

Where can I find the AlliDator application?

The AlliDator application could be downloaded from the App Store at the address directly with your device or using your iTunes application.

What about removing the AlliDator application from my device?

To remove the application you need to operate in the standard way for every iPhone application, pressing and holding the AlliDator application icon until it begins to wiggle. Then press the “X” appeared in the upper left corner of the icon and confirming the deletion when prompted.

Why I should use the AlliDator application to collect different kinds of data instead of several dedicated applications?

You have a lot of good reasons to do this. We list here only the most evidents:

If the application is running on iPhone, it’s possible to use the telephone features directly from the AlliDator application?

Yes, of course. If you create a dataset whit a phone number field you can call it directly from the application as you can launch Safari and browse a link you have previously stored in your AlliDator application.